Safe Cracker Slots is a Progressive Jackpot, Bonus Round Online Slot Machine. It offers three reels and one payline. The coin sizes for this great online slot machine are Twenty Five Cents, Fifty Cents, One Dollar and Five Dollars and it has a max bet per spin of 3 coins. The highest payout for Safe Cracker Slots is the Progressive Jackpot, and te secondary jackpot is Four Thousand Coins. This online slot machine does not offer a Wild Symbol, a Multiplier or a Scatter Symbol; however it is a Progressive Jackpot game and it does offer a Bonus Round.

Symbol 1C 2C 3C
3 Cash Bundles 2000 4000 Jackpot
3 Dynamite Bundles 100 200 300
3 Power Drills 75 150 225
3 Crowbars 50 100 150
3 Keyholes 25 50 75
2 Cash Bundles 25 50 75
1 Cash Bundle 3 6 9
3 Keys N/A N/A Bonus Round


If you would like to know how to win the incredible Progressive Jackpot for this online slot machine, and who wouldn’t want to know how to win a large sum of money, we’ve got the answer for you right here. The first thing is that you must be making the max bet per spin, and at only 3 coins, it is very affordable. The next thing you need to know is that the Jackpot trigger is the Cash Bundle Symbol. If you hit three of these symbols while making the max bet, that great Progressive Jackpot is yours!

Safe Cracker Slots also offers a spectacular Bonus Game in addition to the other great features of the game. In order to access this online slot machine’s Bonus Game, all you have to do is hit 3 keys on the payline, while making the max bet of 3 coins per spin. Once you have entered the bonus round, you will be presented with ten safety deposit boxes that you can click on to claim the prizes within. Seven of the ten boxes are safe to open and will give you a prize, however, three of them have alarms and will end the bonus round if you click on them. As long as you do not find one of these alarmed boxes, you can continue to collect prizes. The bonus round ends either when you have found all seven un-alarmed boxes or when you click on one of the alarmed boxes, and then you are taken back to the main screen of the regular game.

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