Reel Strike

Reel Strike Slots is a Multi-Line online slot machine that will offer lots of fun for everyone. It has 5 Reels and 9 Paylines with a 150 coin per spin max bet. The coin sizes available for this game are One Cent, Two cents, Five Cents, Ten Cents, Twenty Cents, Twenty Five Cents, and Fifty Cents. The Jackpot for Reel Strike Slots is Ten Thousand Coins and the secondary Jackpot is One Thousand Coins. This is not a Progressive Jackpot Online Slot Machine, it does not offer a Multiplier or a Gamble feature. However, this fantastic game does offer a Wild Symbol, a Scatter Symbol, and a Bonus Feature. The paytable below will show all possible winning combinations.


Symbol 5 Hits 4 Hits 3 Hits 2 Hits
Wild 10,000 1,000 100 10
Reel Strike 1,000 200 50 5
Boat 500 100 20 5
Throttle 500 100 20 5
Orange Finned Fish 300 75 15 5
Yellow Finned Fish 200 30 10 N/A
Blue Fish 200 30 10 N/A
Red Fish 100 20 5 N/A
Flying Fish 100 20 5 N/A
Scatter 50 10 2 N/A
Bonus 50 (+bonus) 20 5 N/A N/A

The “Wild” Symbol in Reel Strike serves two purposes in this wonderful online slot machine. The first and most important of its jobs is as the Jackpot Trigger. When you hit 5 “Wild” Symbols on the same active payline, you win 10,000 coins! And as the name implies, this is also the game’s Wild Symbol . This wild symbol works differently than most because this symbol will replace all other symbols including the bonus symbols, when the bonus feature would be triggered. It does not, as in most other games, replace the scatter symbol.

Next in line is the Bonus Symbol. This is the Propeller symbol with the word “Bonus” written across the bottom. When 5 Bonus Symbols appear on any active payline, you will be taken to the bonus round, where based on your choices, you will win up to 7 Free Spins at up to a 6x multiplier.

The final Symbol in this wonderful online slot machine is the Scatter Symbol. This symbol is represented by the orange symbol with the silhouette of the jumping fish that has the word “Scatter” written across the bottom. When you hit at least 3 of these symbols on any payline, you will win a bonus amount of coins (as shown on the paytable).