Ocean Princess Slots is a Multi-Line, Multi-Spin Online Slot Machine. It offers three reels and five paylines. The coin sizes for this online slot machine are One Cent, Five Cents, Ten Cents, Twenty Five Cents, Fifty Cents, One Dollar, Two Dollars and Five Dollars, and the game has a five coin per spin max bet. The highest payout for the game is 1,000 coins and the second highest payout is 250 coins (see explanation in paytable). This is Not a Progressive Jackpot Game, it does not have a Scatter Symbol, it does not have a Multiplier Symbol, it does not have a Bonus Feature, and it does not have a Bonus Round. Ocean Princess Slots does feature a Wild Symbol.

Symbol Payout
3 “Wild” Gold Crowns (betting max) 1,000
3 “Wild” Gold Crowns (betting 1 or 2 coins) 250
3 Red Stars 125
3 Gold Stars 100
3 Green Stars 75
Any 3 Stars 25
3 Red Crabs 50
3 Gold Crabs 35
3 Green Crabs 20
Any 3 Crabs 10
Any 3 Stars and Crabs 5
3 Red Seahorses 30
3 Gold Seahorses 20
3 Green Seahorses 10
Any 3 Seahorses 5
3 Red Anchors 15
3 Gold Anchors 10
3 Green Anchors 5
Any 3 Anchors 2
Any 2 “Wild” Gold Crowns 2
Any “Wild” Gold Crown 1
3 Sea Turtles 5
2 Sea Turtles 2
1 Sea Turtle 1

To earn the Jackpot for Ocean Princess Slots, you must be betting the max of three coins, and then you must hit 3 of the “Wild” Gold Crown Symbols. This will earn you 1,000 coins! To earn the Secondary Jackpot for Ocean Princess Slots, you must be betting either 1 or 2 coins and hit three “Wild” Gold Crown Symbols. In addition to being the Jackpot trigger, the “Wild” Gold Crown Symbol is also the game’s Wild Symbol and will replace any of the symbols on the reels.

Since Ocean Princess Slots is a Multi-Spin game, this means that it has a Hold feature. This hold feature allows you 2 spins per round. Once the first spin has been made, you are allowed to hold any of the three reels that you would like (up to 3) so that you will start with those particular symbols on all five paylines. This feature allows for you to win the jackpot up to FIVE times with one spin!