Golden Tour Slots

Golden Tour Slots is a Bonus Multi-Line Online Slot Machine. The game offers five reels and five paylines. The coin sizes offered by Golden Tour Slots are One Cent, Five Cents, Ten Cents, Twenty Five Cents, Fifty Cents, One Dollar, Two Dollars, and Five Dollars and there is a five coin max bet per spin. The highest payout for this game is 2,000 Coins and the second highest payout is 1,000 coins. This is not a Progressive Jackpot game, it doesn’t offer a Multiplier Symbol and it doesn’t have a Gamble Feature. However, Golden Tour Slots does offer a Limited Wild Symbol, a Scatter Symbol, and a Bonus Round.

# of Hits Shoes Beer Flag Golf Bag Golf Cart Bronze Ball Silver Ball Double Golden Ball
5 50 100 150 200 250 500 1,000 2,000
4 10 25 50 80 100 100 200 500
3 5 5 15 20 25 25 50 100
2 2 2 2 2 3 5 5 25


To win the Jackpot in Golden Tour Slots, you must hit five of the Double Golden Ball Symbols. These Double Golden Balls have another purpose in the game as well. They serve as the Limited Wild Symbol. What this means is that they replace only certain symbols on the reels. In this case, they will replace the Bronze Balls and the Silver Balls to create a winning combination.

Golden Tour Slots Online Slot Machine has a Scatter Bonus Feature as well. The Gopher, the Duck and the Catfish symbols are scatter symbols. Whenever you hit 3 or more of these symbols, and they are of the same kind, on the screen during one round, lying consecutively, you enter the bonus round. The symbols don’t have to follow any payline, meaning they can be on any position on the reel, they just must be on 3 or more consecutive reels. Once in the bonus game, you are asked to choose a driver, an iron and then a putter. You will be awarded a prize based on these three clubs you choose. If you entered the bonus game with four scatter symbols and not just three, your prize is tripled. If you entered with five scatter symbols, your prize is multiplied by ten.

The Golden Tour Slots Online Slot Machine is a wonderful Playtech Software innovation, and especially if you are a fan of Multi-line slots, you will enjoy this game for hours on end!