Fruit Mania Slots a Multi-Line, Progressive, Bonus Round Online Slot Machine. It offers five reels and five paylines and a fixed coin size of twenty five cents. The maximum per spin bet is five coins. The largest payout for this game is the Progressive Jackpot (amount varies) and the second largest payout is Five Thousand Coins. Fruit Mania Slots offers a Progressive Jackpot, it does not have Wilds, and it does not have a Multiplier Symbol. It does, however, offer a Scatter Symbol as well as a Bonus Round.

# of Hits Cherries Plums Oranges Grapes Apples Strawberries Lemons
5 5,000 2,500 2,500 500 500 200 200
4 1,000 250 250 100 100 50 50
3 100 25 25 10 10 10 10
2 10 5 5 2 2 2 2


#ofCocktailGlasses #ofCoins
5 500
4 40
3 5

Fruit Mania Slots is a Progressive Jackpot Game, so you are probably wondering how to win that coveted Progressive Jackpot. Well, first, make sure you are betting the max bet, and then, all you have to do is hit 5 Cherries on the 5th payline and the Jackpot is YOURS! Also, just a little side note, as with pretty much all Progressive Jackpot games, a fraction of each of your wagers will go toward the Fruit Mania Progressive Jackpot Pool. The continuously updated Progressive Jackpot total is displayed on the red scrollbar on the top of the machine.

Fruit Mania Slots also has a great Bonus Round, and when you hit 3 or more consecutive Sun Symbols on any payline, you are entered into that Bonus Game. Once in the bonus round, you get to choose a piece of fruit from each row. The size of your bonus is dependant on the choices you make in the game.

Fruit Mania Slots has another wonderful feature in their Scatter Symbol. This feature has been incorporated into the game to add a little bit more fun into this already fantastic game. The Cocktail Glass shown in the lower left part of the paytable is Fruit Mania Slots’s scatter symbol. If you happen to get three or more cocktail glasses on the screen at the same time, you win the amount as shown in the Scatter Paytable, even if it is not on an active payline.

Fruit Mania Slots is a greatly fun and entertaining online slot machine, and you are sure to find hours of fun while playing.

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