Fountain of Youth Slots

Fountain of Youth Slots is a Classic Multi-Line Online Slot Machine. It offers three reels and three paylines. The game also offers coin sizes including Five Cents, Ten Cents, Twenty Five Cents, Fifty Cents, One Dollar, Two Dollars, and Five Dollars with a three coin per spin max bet. The Jackpot for this game is Eight Hundred Coins and the secondary Jackpot is Six Hundred Coins. This is Not a Progressive Jackpot Game, it does not have a Wild Symbol, it does not have a Scatter Symbol, it does not have a Multiplier Symbol, it does not have a Bonus Feature, and it does not have a Bonus Round.

Symbol 1st Payline 2nd Payline 3rd Payline
3 Fountains of Youth 400 600 800



Symbol Payout
3 Butterflies 250
3 Blue Birds 125
3 Frogs 60
3 Flowers 30
Any 3 Symbols 4


Most of us have heard the legend of the Fountain of Youth. It promises us that anyone who finds this mystical fountain and who bathe in the fountain’s rejuvenating waters will be returned to their youth and be forever in possession of that youth. This online slot machine truly brings to life the feeling and hopes behind the legend. The comforting and de-stressing affects of the music provided with Fountain of Youth Slots seems to make you feel like a teenager again – rested, relaxed and full of energy. This game will ease all of the day’s worries and stresses and you will find yourself having hours of fun while being entertained and comforted by this magical online slot machine.

The premise behind the game is simple, it’s a straight forward game where all you need to do is add your coins and spin until your heart’s content. The simplicity of the game even goes as far as allowing a win each time that you hit any three symbols on any activated payline. When this happens, you will be awarded four coins for your efforts.

Fountain of Youth Slots is a Playtech Software created game. This fact has come to mean the promise (and delivery) of superb graphics, spectacular sound effects, and an unbelievably easy user interface. Playtech is a very reputable company that focuses on and strives for complete and utter customer satisfaction, from both its casino owners and the players of their casino games. So, if you are ready for an adventure in gaming, head to your favorite Playtech casino and play Fountain of Youth Slots!