The best blackjack, or any casino game tip, I can give is that sometimes things are not as they seem particularly when plying casino games. Forgive me if I’m being too vague, I will give detailed examples of situation in blackjack and explain exactly what you should do (or shouldn’t do)
The casino, in any casino game, has the edge. However, blackjack is a kind of a casino game in which the casino can’t got much of an edge over. If you exercise and play enough online blackjack you can avoid the traps the casino lay down for you to fall in.

Here are some blackjack traps:

You have a soft 18 (an Ace and a seven) and the dealer is showing a 9, 10 or Ace

An 18 is defiantly a good hand and you may want to play it safe and stand. However, in casino games things are not as they seem to be. In this situation if you stand there is a considerable chance that you lose. If the dealer got 9 or higher then he\she got more than 50 percent chance to exceed your precious 18. You should hit, you can afford the chance because you got an Ace.

You have a soft 11 and the dealer got a 10 showing

You have an 11 and if you hit a 10 you will be out of the game so maybe you should stand. Nevertheless, in casino games things aren’t as they seem. Believe it or not, in that case you should actually double down. Why you ask? First of all, don’t forget that most of the cards are not 10’s or faces. Secondly, although there a chance of losing (as always at the casino), you considerably increase the amount of money you can win.

You have a pair of 9 and the dealer got a 9 showing

Splitting a pair of 9’s is senseless because an 18 is quite a good hand. Nonetheless, in the casino things are not as they look like. If the dealer is showing a 9, then he\she will usually end up with a 19 or higher. Additionally, if you split up you can save around 9% of the money you wagered.

You have a 12 and the dealer is showing a 3 or a 2

A 12 (with no Ace) is a stiff hand and the dealer got a very low hand so the safest thing to do is to stand. On the other hand, in the casino things may be deceptive. A 12 hand is bit better than other stiff hands. If continue there not much chance for winning but you will cut your losses.

You have a pair of 8 and the dealer got showing a 9, 10 or Ace.

A 16 against a showing 9 or higher is weak but it’s good enough and you don’t wish to simplify the game. Though, in casino games things may be misleading. A 16 against 10 for example is every terrible hand. If you stand then there is quite a big chance for you to loose. You can also loose after splitting the 8’s but you will lose less in the long run.
I know that the most important thing in casino games is to have fun and to not lose yourself in a casino game. However, a little thought in any casino game can make the game even more fun and more profitable.

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