There was a time that gambling was something glamorous, only done by a few. At least its legal, honest face was like that, because, among the masses, gambling has probably existed since there’s been any sort of valuable items. Up to the ending of the last century, casinos were the biggest, brightest face of gambling. If you thought about gambling, be it poker, roulette or blackjack, you’d be thinking about a long Vegas strip full of shiny neon signs advertising huge casinos full of light, packed with smiling dealers in crisp suits just begging to get your money and maybe even give you some.

Nowadays, the Internet changed the face of gambling, as it has with so many things. You can now visit a virtual, online casino and do all your betting there. If you told my dad that during his lifestyle you’d be able to gamble with a computer while sitting in your living room he probably would’ve laughed in your face. Nowadays, he is one of the people that play online, if only just to pass the time. Oh, and he plays with virtual money.

Of all online gambling, the greatest chunk of the pie goes to poker. Online poker is one of the fastest expanding online markets, and it seems that the sky is the limit. It started with only a few sites with a very small Texas Hold’em system, and now it expanded into a multi-million dollar industry with a huge variety of different systems, including some “virtual world” poker tournaments. Impressive.

A gambler’s guide to Atlantic City gaming

Upon hearing the word casinos, most people think immediately of Las Vegas. There’s other locations, within and outside the US, but Vegas is considered the gambling world capital. Then there’s Atlantic City, Vegas’ younger brother. It’s a different type of town. They both have sand in common, but you won’t find slot machines outside of casinos in AC, whereas in Vegas you call pull the one-armed bandit in the grocery store, at the airport, and even in some churches!

Still, Atlantic City, NJ has a lot to offer, including it’s coastline. The casinos have a lot to offer as well. It used to be Trump’s town, where every other casino bore his moniker. Now Harrah’s owns a respectable bunch of casinos, including Caesar’s, Harrah’s, and The Showboat. Trump is still around as well, on the boardwalk and on the bay, and other casinos still compete, including Resorts, Borgata and Tropicana.

Each of these locations try to offer something unique to their customers and gamblers. The games are the same: slots, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Poker, etc… but each tries to reward it’s customers in it’s own way. That’s the best way to decide which casino to go with. If you play slots, go to a casino that is heavy on slots rewards. Some casinos treat their Blackjack players like kings. Once you know the ins and outs, it’s easier to decide.

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Online Games

The internet has changed our way of doing a lot of things. We have a much wider and quick access to breaking news, it is easier to keep in touch with relatives far away (and close by as well), finding information is quick, painless and absolutely free and shopping has never been easier. It has even changed the way we look at entertainment. How many of us can honestly consider “browsing the internet” or “going online” as a way of spending time? Surely, a lot of us.

Nowadays the internet also provides us with the best way to play games. Poker, for example, has grown exponentially in popularity ever since it became a common sight in online casinos. The Poker tour was already a pretty big event, but it is a lot more important right now. Pretty much all casino games can now be found online and have grown in popularity, from roulette to blackjack and, of course, several kinds of poker. But that’s not all.

Bingo games are a big thing online as well. The game has a bit of a stigma associated to it, but playing it online is actually a lot of fun. Just give it a try, I am sure you will not be disappointed.

What are the odds of Winning?

Whether you choose to gamble online or in a brick and mortar casino, each one is a business and they are there to make money. Of course customers will win from time to time but that all depends on the casino. For those who do their gambling online, if you play with a well established site, your odds are probably better than if you played in person somewhere.

It is possible to one day see those odds in print, to certify that they are what they claim to be but who knows when that day will come. Until then, online gamblers are wise to steer clear of the smaller casinos which could be less likely to follow the online casino standards.

This is a growing industry and will continue to grow way into the future. The more games you learn to play, the more choices you will have to enjoy all that online gambling offers. When you gamble from home, you never feel that pressure to gamble more than your feel comfortable with.